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Jun. 2nd, 2009

Spent most of today stripping wallpaper from my friends flat.. woodchip wallpaper! Total nightmare.. the stuff should be banned.. in fact it should be more than banned, the person who invented it should be wrapped in the stuff and dropped into the nearest river.. even that much water wouldnt be enough to get it off! 

How could any sane person have come up with the concept?  How could anyone think it a good idea to soak wood into paper then sell it in rolls to hang on a wall?  Is it some dire plot to demoralise the people who have to either strip it off the walls after throwing the equivalent of niagra falls at it, and scraping away til not only their fingernails bleed but they lose half an inch off the length of their fingers?? 

Ok, thats an exageration.. it came off not too bad but its just so slow and my shoulders are aching..Got about half the bedroom done today which is pretty cool, will get it finished on thursday :)   Woodchip sucks big time!!

As a reward, and cos i was too hot and tired to cook, got a KFC bucket on the way home.. real greasy proper fried chicken YUM!!  Just what i needed, tho my waistline didnt.. lol..

I am going to start a diet soon.. i am.. i am..

Biggest incentive for this is that I will soon be going on my first ever holiday abroad!!  Yep, me who's never had a passport is going off this island!!  YAY!!  Dunno when or where yet, but will be within the next few months.. and i can't wait :D

Doubt if anyone reads this but if you do and you like chocolate please check out and join my Bebo group - Cacao Crazy, dedicated to using 100% cacao in cooking, savoury dishes as well as sweet.  I've put some of my recipes up and more will be following :)  So please join and spread the word about this marvelous ingredient.. I'm talking real chocolate here, not the fat-filled, milk-stuffed 'confectionary' bars they sell in sweet shops!! 

I've ran out of it at the moment and am having severe withdrawal symptoms.. its killing me!! 

I need chocolate!!

Dragon's rule mid-life crisis's

One thing i forgot to mention yesterday, well there were a few things I forgot to mention but i'll get around to them at some point :D, but this one thing is particular is worth a mention all on its own..

After i split up with stewart, I did something I'd wanted to do for years and had never been allowed to do..

I got a tattoo! Weird or what eh?

First tat at my age.. Talk about a mid-life crisis lol..

Its on my left side.. I am planning others when i can afford them..

I want a customised tree on my right side.. and a huge one on my back, - 2 dragons, just above my hips,  facing each other, breathing fire at each other, where it meets in the middle the flames will spread up and down my spine with a Phoenix arising out of the flames at the top of my back across my shoulder blades  :D  Wish I could draw, cos i have it pictured exactly in my head!!


Couldnt resist this ...

How to make a Axaria

3 parts friendliness

5 parts crazyiness

3 parts beauty
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add curiosity to taste! Do not overindulge!

And the cycle returns to the beginning....

Ok, dunno why i'm updating here but I think maybe it helped before writing this journal so we will see if it helps again.

My mum has a cyst on her brain, its not immediately life-threatening but will require treatment and she has varying symptoms. It is 2x6cm.

I am giving up work on 3rd sept as stewart got that other job and can no longer have the kids after school and childcare was goign to cost £128 a week, which means i would be working for £60 and never seeing the kids... not gonna happen. So i'm leaving on the third.

NOthing else has changed much!

Hi to everyone anyone, i will catch up on all your journals later :)
nuff said! i feel old and down and hate work!!


just a quick post, i'm back at work *sobs* started back on monday and its really scary and horrible.

Everything else is pretty much the same!

Hope everyone is good!

Quick catch-up

Havent had time to post lately, I've been really busy with this invite malarky.

Now i've been asked for 21st birthday invites, girly ones!! Of course, the only thing i havent made any templates for are 21st birthdays so was working on that all last night.

My fan invites are getting a lot of interest :D seems i'm not hte only one who likes unusual stuff!

Gotta run, I will try and make a longer catch up post tonight but i need to get these samples finished and posted today!

oh, i have a bit of dilemma maybe someone has suggestions for:

I do customised poetry, so someone gives me details and i write the poem. One person wont pay til they have seen the poem (which ususally is fair enough) but in this case if they see it there is nothing to stop them saying nah they dont like it and using it anyway!

any ways round it?


How to make a axaria

5 parts intelligence

5 parts arrogance

3 parts energy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little curiosity if desired!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

It's scary how sometimes they get this right, only thing they missed was "opinionated".

I have the power!! um no actually i dont!

ok, getting into papercraft now. went to take some pics to get them on my site, rather than the images i have up there and guess what?? no batteries in my camera, no batteries in the house. Its 11pm, kids are in bed, stewarts working and every single AA battery in this house is either gone or doenst have enough power left for the camera, can do the remote tho.. oh yeah, 7 remote controls in this house and THEY all work but i put the batteries in my camera and i get a green light for 2 bloody seconds and then it says battery empty please replace.

Its bad enough when the fairies do this but who's the mischevous sprite who lets the bloody tv get turned over wihtout anyone moving but has to bugger up my camera???

ok, deep breathes, calmed down now!!

I have found 4 different ways to weave card strips into a heart, cool eh?

nothing and everything

Ok, need a little constructive critisism again (maybe i'll actually get some this time :p)

I branched out on my site (bought the .com too if i havent mentioned it before)and am offering a custom poetry service.

As a taster for this i've been writing some generalised ones to see how they go and I have 4 first anniversary ones that i need feedback on.

Sample 1
I look to the past, on the day that at last
we became husband and wife.
Fate was enough, our hearts full of love
as we set out on our new life.
And now its a year, I hold you as dear
as the day we exchanged bands of gold.
I look forward with glee, as I know that its "we"
who'll face what the future will hold.

Sample 2
Although its true I love you more
than I did a year ago
I am afraid I must confess
that I also love you less
than I will this time next year
as my love grows each day you're near

Sample 3
Thank you Love, for this past year
for loving me, for being here
Thank you Love, for us getting wed
for being in my heart, and in my head
Thank you Love, for giving me
such happiness, such ecstasy
Thank you Love, for being you
for showing me that dreams come true

Sample 4
My life, my love, my hopes, and dreams
all revolve round you.
You've given me more than I could ever have wished
since we said "I do".
This past year has gone so fast, and yet
its seems forever.
I've always known that it was fate
which brought us both together.
I know we'll celebrate this day
in all the years to come.
Each will be better than the last
but none as special as this one.

and yes i know i've used the "My life, my love, my hopes, and dreams" on here before, its been in my head for ages and now i've found a home for it :D

Please please give me feedback, i need it badly... in this house all i get is "its alright" which isnt in the slightest bit helpful.

Website news, over 1300 hits which i'm amazed at - only 2 were from LJ!! I've even had hits from the Netherlands, wow!

First orders go out soon, cross fingers for me that all goes well and that they dont cancel on me!

Apart from that, not much happening, been sleeping on the couch as its so hot, stewart has the fan on and it irritates my psoriasis and then i need to keep covered which its too hot to do and he snores like nothing on earth, and jerks. I'm sure he has sleep apnoea and am trying to talk him into going to the doctors, fat chance of that happening.

I'm very slowly turnign back into non-emotive state again, not completely unintentionally i have to admit, if i have to live down here then i can only do it if i'm not feeling anything, otherwise i'll go insane.

Have been looking and looking for 30 pewter goblets to hire for my sisters wedding, and i cant find them anywhere. You would think with medieval themes being so popular that someone would do them, but no! I am still looking tho, dont want to let her down.

Gonna go stick my head under the cold tap, its toooooo bloody hot!

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